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ELVIS PRESLEY – THE NAME STILL HAS POWER, still has meaning, even among record collectors. But not what it used to mean. Record collecting in general has changed dramatically in the past ten years, mostly due to the staggering amount of information available on the World Wide Web. And collecting Elvis records has changed considerably, too. This site will address many of those changes. Elvis – A Touch Of Gold the blog (not to be confused with a similarly titled book that I published; see sidebar) explores the artifacts of Elvis Presley’s career as a recording artist:… Continue Reading introduction to elvis-atouchofgold.com


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WELL, BLESS MY SOUL, what’s wrong with me? As a writer (someone who writes), I’ve been itchin’ like a man on a fuzzy tree for some time, hence my compulsive posting in my three blogs. I have posted 800,000 words in just three years on my three sites: Neal Umphred Dot Com, Rather Rare Records, and Elvis – A Touch Of Gold. That’s the equivalent of ten reasonable sized novels. But as an ‘author’ (a writer paid to publish his work), well, the itchin’ hasn’t been on the fuzzy tree level. A few friends and… Continue Reading from burbank to graceland to facebook


facts and fallacies about elvis’ gold records vol. 4

IN FEBRUARY 1968, RCA Victor issued ELVIS’ GOLD RECORDS VOLUME 4, the first compilation of million-sellers by Elvis in five years. Or, at least they were supposed to be million-sellers, but only half the album consisted of genuine gold record hits. The whys and wherefores for this are filled with fallacies and misconceptions that began with the album’s release. This album was not greeted with warmth by reviewers or the record-buying public. This new album closely followed Presley’s latest single, Guitar Man, which had been released a few weeks earlier. While hardly a straight-ahead rock & roller, this was a… Continue Reading facts and fallacies about elvis’ gold records vol. 4

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elvis’ 50 worldwide #1 chart-topping hits

Lawdymissclawdy, but I accidental like pushed “Publish” instead of “Save Draft” and so I sent this article out onto the worldwide web well before it was completed. So I have to apologize and tell you that I’ll finish it lickety-split and get it back up here where it belongs! PS: When the finished piece is published, this post here will be linked directly to the new article . . . [social_warfare]                  

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I got a lot o’ livin’ to do (to make it fun it takes two)

THERE IS A MEMORABLE SCENE in the 2006 movie Little Miss Sunshine that takes place in the family Volkswagen van. The grandfather gives some unasked-for ‘life advice’ to his grandson. I won’t repeat the advice; see the movie. But it’s great advice about how to make it fun it takes two (of course it’s coarse). I have already bestowed its wisdom on younger humans—male and female—who asked appropriate ‘life questions’ of me. The old man’s advice sits comfortably alongside a little saw that I have tried to keep in mind since I was in college: When I’m… Continue Reading I got a lot o’ livin’ to do (to make it fun it takes two)


I was going to subscribe to your site, but if you mention drugs once …

IT STARTED SIMPLY: someone posted a comment on my Elvis Facebook page: “I was going to subscribe to your Elvis web blog, but then started to read some of your posts. OMG if you mention drugs once!” Then it got worse. Actually, once is about the rate at which I mention Elvis and drugs on this site, but let’s save that for later, as this whole article addresses the Facebook comment. So, I have a Facebook page titled Elvis – A Touch Of Gold. It’s linked to this website—each time I post something here, it appears there. Actually, a snippet of text… Continue Reading I was going to subscribe to your site, but if you mention drugs once …